Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Original Kayak Experience

Today we got two things accomplished on our fall to-do list. I'm a little tired so I'm just going to upload some photos. Maybe Matt can fill you in on the details later :)


Bailey jumping ship!

Warm welcome

Point Loma pride!

Jess + fish tacos!

Matt and the classic bean burrito

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Name, New List

Hi guys, I'm just going to start off by stating that I am going to start posting on a new blogger name. The reason for this is that my blogger account is located on a different gmail account that I've recently started using as my main account. I figured that I might as well make the switch on blogger instead. So instead of seeing the handle "dalartsun," you'll be seeing "moonspired" (which is the tenative name for my upcoming business).

But this post isn't just about me! It's also about our new fall list that's in the works. We still have much to put on it but so far here's the list! Let us know what you think :)

- Go to the original Rubios
- Make 4 new Maangchi Korean Food Recipes (1 down)
- Go to the beach 5 times (1 down)
- Play Chess 8 times! (1 down)
- Experience a new food place
- Go to the ZOO or WAP
- Discover a new place
- Go Disc golfing
- Ride bikes somewhere new
- Go to a pier


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good Summer

+ go to point loma seafood/or tin fish
+ have picnic
+ go to zoo or wild animal park
+ take bayley for walk
+ do late night drive around SD
+ visit someplace new
+ go to coldstone
+ go to beach at night
+ have a movie night with cool snacks
+ go to the mall/shopping
+ play stratego again
+ watch season 2 of xxxHOLiC
+ see the baby tigers
+ eat at casa de pico/or coyote cafe
+ go to beach at least 7 times

This was our summer list.  We completed it by going to the beach (#7) and having a picnic on the day before my school started.  It feels good to complete a list of things to do, and it is even better to go out and do things.  I'm especially glad that we got these done despite my heavy workload from summer classes.  We're starting a fall list now, so if anyone has some suggestions, we're all ears.

Here are a few photos from our list.  They include tin fish, picnic, wild animal park, walking bayley, late night drive, new place (summer pops on the embarcadero), mall, stratego, baby tigers, coyote cafe, beach (uploaded 8 actually).