Thursday, May 14, 2009

One More Year

So I decided to stay at UCI for one more year to do a Political Science Major and a Conflict Resolution Minor on top of the Sociology Major I already finished. ;o

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Four More Years

CNN: "President Obama said today that he told government lawyers to object to a court-ordered release of additional Defense Department photos showing alleged abuse of detainees because the release could affect the safety of U.S. troops and "inflame anti-American opinion." Obama's decision was a reversal of what the White House had previously said on the issue, and it drew swift criticism from the ACLU."

So basically he's Bush #2. Glad I didn't get my hopes up.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So this season pretty much redeemed itself in its last couple episodes. I won't go into details on how epic I thought the last episode was (Ah... Hugh Laurie, your acting skills amaze me) but I will just jot down some ideas and predictions I have for next season:

  • In "Under My Skin," when House and Wilson are determining what could be causing House's hallucinations, they test everything on the list - except "Trauma." I have a feeling that this factor is the culprit behind what triggered House's hallucinations.
  • If the previous point is true, then my suspicions lead me to believe that House received this trauma either in Season 4's finale "House's Head/Wilson's Heart" or this season's "Locked In." While Season 4's trauma would make sense (in its connection to Amber), "Locked In" is also a candidate because it is the episode before Kutner's death and there are hints that House's brain is slightly damaged (ie: In the last scene where Wilson is warning House about being alone, House's vision/image of Wilson gets blurry and fuzzy).
  • Since the "Fore-teen" relationship is doomed to fail, I'm going to assume that we'll be revisiting episodes centered around Thirteen again. Her role this season lightened up in the end (and it almost became as minor as when she was first introduced) but I think that's only because the writers didn't want to push our buttons with introducing such a radical end to season 5.
  • I'm anticipating whatever the writers have in store for all the Chase/Cameron fans. With House committed to the psych ward, they'll probably help fill in his spot at the hospital. They've hinted at more screen time/involvement by those two characters... I'm crossing my fingers!
  • Honestly, as fun as the visual would be... I would cringe at the sight of seeing House in a straight jacket... but I have a feeling this might happen.
That's it for now :) If anyone has other ideas, please do post them here!