Saturday, January 24, 2009


In the Josean dynasty, Koreans regularly made nationwide sacrifices to their ancestors. King Sejong of Joseon had visited the sacrifice himself, and had eaten a meal with the people of Joseon. In order to increase the food supply in Joseon, King Sejong ordered them to invent dishes that could feed the maximum number of people using the least amount of ingredients, and seonnongtang (tang meaning "soup") was one of these. The sole ingredient used in the preparation of seolleongtang is the leg bones of an ox (nowadays cow). At that time, this food was called seonnongtang, and it is now called seolleongtang (or Sullungtang) for easier pronounication.

It's the first days of rain here in Southern California... We decided to visit a sullungtang house in Garden Grove to warm us up and wow... what a great restaurant to eat at!

Here are the highlights of Han Woo Li:

  • Incredibly nice waitress and great service
  • Affordable price for great meals ($7.52 per soup)
  • Amazing side dishes - which by the way indicates how delicious the food at a Korean restaurant is
  • The BEST shik-hae (cold rice punch drink) that I've had in a while. It was a refreshing dessert
  • Really high quality sullkungtang and yukgaejang (spicy beef and noodle soup)

Anyway, if you're ever in that area, we highly suggest you try this place out.

More information and my full review on the restaurant...

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