Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Recently I have expressed concern with President Obama's rhetoric and actions during his first few days in office. I have had trouble voicing this concern without being called a premature cynic, something I contest. Critically questioning the actions of public officials is the only way we can morally accept or reject our government's actions as justified.

My main concern in recent weeks has been Obama's reluctance to discuss the Israeli invasion of Gaza. When he did discuss it, he took the side of Israel, claiming self defense as justification for the attacks. Despite their positive coverage in the U.S. media, these attacks were a continuation of Israeli aggression, and can be easily considered state terror with discriminatory intent. There has been almost universal condemnation of Israel's actions amongst other foreign nations.

The article below is something I found today that articulates my concerns with words that far surpass my own. I hope anyone reading my short bit here can take the time to read Chomsky's far better article. Upon doing so, it will become clear that there is indeed reason for concern, even now so early in the President's new term. One should never blindly accept rhetoric without taking some time to look into reality.

Noam Chomsky: "Obama on Israel-Palestine"

As far as I am concerned, there is little evidence that there will be significant change in any realm of government foreign affairs, and hardly any change domestically. I will save my second claim for another entry. Obama's rhetoric is well crafted and very convincing, but his actions imply, for the most part, his intention to maintain the status quo.

Obama should reject with no uncertainty the the United States Government's historically unwavering support for Israel if he intends to bring about positive change in the world and restore our image in the global community. He, too, should critically inspect Israel's actions as imperialistic and immoral. Let out the old, bring in the new, and make sure it is founded in morality as opposed to the last 8 years.

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