Thursday, August 27, 2009

Late Nights

San Diego is a stranger to late-night escapes and comforts. Aside from the millions of 24-hour *insert Mexican name here* Taco Shops (although a couple are only open for 23 or 22 hours...), there are hardly any GREAT late night eats and hang out locations for San Diego night owls.

I've decided to start a late night list of the nicest places in SD to hang out. I'd like to point out that my definition of late night is not "open past 9pm" (which many San Diegans seem to claim it is); my definition is anywhere from 11pm and on!

So I hope this list grows and grows... or I'll be having to drive out to L.A. at night to get my late night cravings!

Tajima: open til 2am weekdays and 3am on weekends (excluding Sunday)

Basil Thai Kitchen
: open til 3am

: open til 2am? (yes this is Mexican, but you know what? Sombreros is SPECIAL)

Tea Station: open til 12am weekends

Korean Hometown Restaurant
: open til 2am

Studio Diner: open 24 hours

Lestat's Coffee Shop: open 24 hours

Night & Day Cafe (Coronado): open 24 hours

Min Sok Chon: open til 2am

The Living Room
: open til 2am

Know any others? Let us know!

-Jess & Matt


  1. The Living Room is open til midnight every day... and the one at SDSU is open til 2 am.

  2. Why would anyone want to go out at night in san diego when you could actually be enjoying the daylight hours???? I think san diego's daytime venues beat LA any day!!